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Revolutionising Authority to Start Work in the Rail Industry!

Are you tired of the inefficiencies and delays caused by traditional work start processes in the rail industry? Streamline your worksite operations, enhance safety, and maximize productivity with this innovative solution. Here's why you need to include Checkpoint Authority as part of your current operations, and in future tenders - gain the competitive edge in the market! Look no further – Checkpoint Authority is here to revolutionise the way you commence work on rail projects!

Simultaneous Work Start

Our innovative app enables all authorised personnel to start work simultaneously across multiple workgroups, optimising efficiency, and reducing downtime - eliminating the need for multiple phone calls and the resulting delays.

Streamlined Workflow

Checkpoint Authority provides a digital platform that automates the work start process, reducing paperwork and manual tasks. Enjoy the convenience of digital checklists, real-time notifications, and streamlined communication channels, enabling your team to work more efficiently.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Safety is our top priority. With Checkpoint Authority, you can implement comprehensive safety protocols and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Our app allows for easy verification of required safety certifications, ensuring that every worker on your project is authorised and ready to work safely.

All Data and Communications Logged

Maintain a complete audit trail of all data and communications within the app. Enhance transparency, facilitate compliance, and ensure accountability throughout your worksite operations.

Real-Time Reporting and Insights

Gain valuable insights into your work start processes with our robust reporting features. Monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and analyse data to make informed decisions that drive efficiency and continuous improvement.

Communications To All Staff:

Facilitate real-time communication between supervisors and personnel. The app provides a seamless platform for exchanging messages, clarifying instructions, and addressing any concerns promptly.

Broadcast Emergency Communications to all Staff

Instantly alert and inform all personnel on-site of emergencies or critical updates. The app's broadcast feature ensures that vital information reaches everyone promptly, mitigating risks and promoting a safer work environment.

Live View of Personnel

Keep track of your workforce with a live view feature. Monitor the location and status of personnel on-site in real-time, enhancing oversight and enabling efficient resource allocation.

Significant benefits

Implementing Checkpoint Authority offers significant benefits to the Principal Contractor and the Network Operator. Increase working time for plant and machinery, save hours on signing-in processes, and reduce the overall project duration. By embracing this digital innovation, you contribute to environmental sustainability, enhance safety, and mitigate risks.

Benefits for Labour: Save valuable time during sign-in activities

• By optimising the authority to work process, with 60 COSS's signing in, accumulate time savings of 10,980 minutes (equivalent to 274.5 hours) per shift.
• Similar time-saving benefits can be achieved during sign-out activities, adding an additional 5,490 working minutes (91.5 hours) to your project.

Gain Competitive Edge

• By incorporating Checkpoint Authority as a digital innovation in your tenders, you differentiate yourself from competitors and position your company as a forward-thinking industry leader. This advantage allows you to reduce overall tender prices to Network Rail based on increased possession time availability and enhanced productivity.
• Increased Productivity by maximising possession time, allowing you to reduce overall tender prices. Enhance your workforce's efficiency, resulting in improved project timelines and reduced costs, ultimately saving up to 25% in overall program and project expenses.

Benefits for Plant and Machinery

• By gaining an additional 90 minutes of working time for each machine per night, you can achieve remarkable savings:
• With 3 machines per night, save £9,000 per week (£45,000 for projects with 15 machines/plant per night).
• Accelerate your projects and reduce costs by leveraging the increased working time, equivalent to three midweek shifts per week.

Environmental Benefits: Working Towards a Sustainable Future

Checkpoint Authority's implementation yields significant environmental advantages, including

Reduced Project Duration

You can reduce the overall project timeline by 25%, minimising the environmental impact associated with extended operations.

Decreased Resource Usage

With a shorter project duration, you can reduce the need for plant machinery, generators, travel to and from the site, and other resources by 25%, contributing to a greener approach to rail operations.

Sustainable Practices

Embrace environmental stewardship by integrating Checkpoint Authority into your operations, aligning your company with sustainable practices and reducing your ecological footprint.

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Mitigating Risks, Ensuring Safety

Preventing Incorrect Access

Grant authority to specific locations and worksites with a unique reference number, reducing the risk of accessing the wrong worksite.

Track Worker Safety:

Only grant authority to place worksite marker boards when approved by the supervisor through Checkpoint Authority, minimising track worker near misses.

Two-Step Verification Process

Ensure authority is not granted by mistake with a secure verification process, enhancing accuracy and accountability.

Broadcast Emergency Communications

Communicate critical information instantly to all staff, enabling rapid response and reducing potential safety hazards.

Are you ready to streamline your work start process and maximise productivity and Safety? With Checkpoint Authority, you have the power to optimise your operations and unlock a new level of efficiency and synchronisation in your rail projects.

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