• Fully Managed Service
  • No IT systems integration issues
  • Prevent Fatigue with our Early Warning Indicators
  • Identify Fatigue Triggers before they happen
  • Ensures that Fatigue is managed in advance
  • Ensures the risk is assessed before any shifts take place
  • Compliant with Network Rail’s 2022 Fatigue Standard
  • Tailor Fatigue Triggers, Fatigue Defaults, Risk Index and Fatigue Score to your business
  • Assigns correct fatigue parameters to job type, shift type, workload and job attention
  • Incorporates break frequencies and rest periods
  • Incorporates travel time
  • Positive Comments from RISQS 4 years running
  • 100% RISQS audit compliant

Optimise Workforce Safety and Efficiency with Advanced Fatigue Management

Checkpoint Fatigue Risk Management System was developed in 2017 as an effective solution to manage workforce fatigue. Since then, it has undergone continuous enhancements to deliver cutting-edge fatigue management capabilities. In 2019, we incorporated a new algorithm that aligns with the measures outlined by the HSE fatigue and risk calculators. And now, in response to Network Rail's new fatigue standard NR-L2-OHS-003, our system has been further evolved to encompass all measures and triggers specified within the standard, ensuring proactive fatigue mitigation.

Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

The Checkpoint Fatigue Risk Management System is fully hosted by C&G Systems, ensuring the highest level of data security and reliability. Our ISO27001-compliant security processes safeguard your sensitive information. Regular backups throughout each day guarantee data integrity and availability.

Key Features and Triggers

Our system includes comprehensive fatigue triggers to proactively monitor and manage fatigue risks. Some of the key triggers include:

Fatigue Triggers

• Working 60 hours or more in 1 week.

• Working 72 hours or more in 1 week.

General Triggers

• Working more than 12 hours with a rest period of less than 12 hours.

• More than 13 consecutive turns of duty in 14 days.

• More than 14 hours door to door, including commuting.

• Fatigue Index score of 35 or more for daytime shifts.

• Fatigue Index score of 45 or more for night-time shifts.

• Risk Index of 1.6 or more.

Our system goes beyond fatigue management benefits by offering added value to your organisation

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System to prioritise the safety and well-being of your
workforce while optimising operational efficiency.
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specific needs.cts, and experience the ultimate in site management innovation, compliance, and efficiency gains.

Customisable Parameters and Reporting

We help you efficiently manOur system includes comprehensive fatigue triggers to proactively monitor and manage fatigue risks. Some of the key triggers include:

• The system allows customisation of workload, job attention, and breaks parameters to align with your specific requirements.

• Racecard/Roster: We provide a racecard/roster template for bulk uploads into the system, simplifying data entry and ensuring consistency.age working and travel hour exceedances, allowing for better resource allocation and adherence to Network Rail’s fatigue standard.

Fatigue and Risk Parameters

• Actual Hours Racecard/Roster: Easily update actual hours by uploading a new roster or making individual record updates.

• Reports/Dashboards: Access detailed fatigue reports that highlight fatigue scores, risk indexes, and any triggered fatigue alerts for your rostered personnel. The system's dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of fatigue management per period, emphasizing breaches and identifying trends.

Centralised Data and Reporting

• All data is stored in one place, facilitating easy access to historical data and generating reports designed to meet RISQS Audit Standards.

Significant Time Savings

• Manual checking of rostered shifts against HSE calculators and Network Rail triggers can be time-consuming. Our system automates this process, saving up to 1 hour per person. For a rostered workforce of 50 people with 5 shifts per week, this could translate to approximately 50 hours or nearly 2 full-time equivalents (FTEs). With our bulk roster upload feature, this task can be completed within minutes.

specific needs. Proven RISQS Audit Compliance

The Checkpoint Fatigue Risk Management System is a tried and tested solution, consistently earning positive feedback from RISQS over the past four years. Our commitment to meeting audit standards ensures that your organization remains compliant and can confidently demonstrate your fatigue management practices.